Pierre Fleury’s passion for horses started at a very young age. “I started horse riding when I was 4 years old. My family was enthusiastic about horses and show-jumping. When I was a teenager, my father bought two carriage horses, the three-year old Highland ponies Nessy and Nelson, that he wanted to work together.” That was when young Pierre started the ground work. “I was overwhelmed by this kind of work and by the growing relationship with Nessy and Nelson. A clinic about natural horsemanship was really the trigger for all the work I am doing today. I realised that I wanted to work my horses in that way, close to them. I developed a relationship with them, one that is exclusive, special, not to say connected.” The teenager grew, matured, dared. “I didn’t have a professional coach. Everything I show I learned it on my own. I challenge myself and try to take up those challenges while always staying close to my companions. Of course, I keep myself informed about what the other artists do but most of the times I find the solutions when I am with my horses. We are in perfect harmony.”

Ranging from the Hungarian Post to tandems and working in pairs, Pierre Fleury plays with his horses like a poet plays with words. The magic works to the extent that in 2009, the president of the Highland Pony breed contacted him and invited him to show two acts at the French Championship at the famous stud Haras du Pin. “I developed my acts over time and always paid attention to my horses, especially to their feelings. On that day, the audience supported me a lot. I understood that I could give even more.” The career of the young man, who was studying civil engineering, took a new turn. “After my performance at Haras du Pin, all the encouragements I received gave me wings and motivation to continue as an artist. After only short time, I performed at the horse fair Salon du Cheval de Paris.”


”Incroyable talent”, the springboard


My artistic status changed from amateur to professional after I had performed on the TV show Incroyable Talent which I had joined following the advice of a friend.” Being a candidate of the talent show, Pierre Fleury quickly caught the attention of the TV channel M6. « They selected me, and the rest just all worked out. My performance on TV made me gain at least ten years of promotion.” In the following three months, Pierre Fleury found himself under the spotlight. “I reached the first level and the phone calls started to flood in.” In the semi-finals of the TV show, a lucky chance allowed him to perform in Germany which opened the borders for him. “New companions joined my show team. Two grey horses and two palominos to offer a play of colours to the audience.” At the FEI World Equestrian Games in Caen in 2014, Pierre Fleury became the public’s darling. ”I started to get good contacts abroad, I made totally new and avant-garde videos of the acts I could perform.”


An avant-garde artist

A model challenge or videos at public sites in the heart of his hometown Deauville; whatever he does, Pierre Fleury will give you a real buzz every time. “I want to give and share with as many people as possible. I would like to give back what I received. I am very lucky that today, I can live my dream.” As a single artist and sometimes also invited into troupes of artists, Pierre Fleury continues his performances. « At Chantilly, among other riders, it was so much fun to play a character in a show. In general, in my shows I feel the best when I am with my horses. What really thrills me is doing the shows with this feeling of complete freedom, whether it concerns innovation, creativity our training the horses. Many people ask me to do clinics because they want to learn my approach with their own horses. I am more than eager to share everything that I have learnt so far. I have always loved to study the relationship with horses and I also long to discover more about the bond between humans and their companions. There is so much to offer to those who wish to understand their horses. Every one of us is different and I am happy to adapt my teaching to make the riders and their horses progress. I love this privileged relationship and this form of teaching.”

Pierre Fleury’s horses

For Pierre Fleury, selecting his show horses is not limited to the temperament of the animal. “The Highland breed is a breed which is rather easy to work with. At the beginning, my choices were mainly based on a play of colours as well as on equal sizes that I could stand on their backs without losing my balance.”

Other criteria were then taken into account such as choosing rather “green” horses. “I am looking for partners that haven’t known any special dressage yet, that are in fact mentally and physically “new”, and that have not necessarily established any relationship with humans yet. It is easier to make them progress.”

After a test week, the group of artists normally gets a new member. “Although today it might be only my surname that is known abroad, the key to the success of our shows are first and foremost my horses and our close relationship.”

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