Pierre Fleury

when the art of riding turns into poetry

Having been surrounded by horses since he was 4 years old, Pierre Fleury never stops surprising us! He is an accomplished artist whose performances with horses conjoin intimacy and success. Among his horses, that is where he nourishes his soul and his body in the utmost simplicity.

Being an artist, a trainer, an acrobat and sometimes a stuntman, Pierre Fleury is an ever-changing autodidact who feels genuine trust and complicity for his faithful show companions. Over the years, the showman managed to catch the people’s attention and established a solid reputation, starting with his first steps on the stage of the TV show “Incroyable Talent” (M6) and now even appearing at the biggest international equestrian events, far away from Deauville where he lives.

When Pierre Fleury plays with his horses, he seems like the tightrope walker of the equestrian art,” a quote that Jacques Prévert could have written…

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